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September 2023 New:

Posted on September 7, 2023

Official Video Released!

Strange Times was written in the year 2020 – thus the title. Musicians need to “play out,” as we say; to share the gift of music with the public, live and in person. This is my take on being “all dressed up with nowhere to go,” ready and eager to perform, but being stuck inside to play to my four walls, and gradually feeling slightly crazed as a result.

Composed and Arranged by Susan Craig Winsberg Flute and Piano — Susan Craig Winsberg Upright Bass — Larry Steen Drums — Chris Wabich Recorded at Rusk Sound Studios, Hollywood, CA Engineered by Jill Tengan Mixed by Jill Tengan and Matt Brownie Mastered By Steve Baughman at Next Level Mastering

Filmed and directed by Cameron Dinwiddie Set design by Fernanda Cabarcos www.craigrecords.com