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Till the End: Suzy Winz 2/8/24

Press Release: 2/8/24

Till the End is the first song to be released under Susan Craig Winsberg’s new songwriting project Suzy Winz, on her Craig Records label. The original title for the song was “Passionate Like Song,” the theme is that like, as in friendship, is more important than romantic love, when all is said and done, and concluding with an off-handed but tender, “So why get married? …But then again, why not?!”

Susan is excited to bring her poetry skills to lyrical songwriting, and her lyrics have a poetic feel to them with her signature quirky and evocative themes. The harmonic structure is more complex and interesting than your typical pop song. But the “I like you…You’re my best friend” chorus is extremely catchy, and a truly bright and uplifting paean to the value offriendship above all else.

The music to this light-hearted yet poignant song was co-written, co-arranged and co-producedby singer-songwriting team Heather Stewart and Leah Finkelstein, whose rich orchestration andlayering creates a texture reminiscent of the sixties, complete with velvety vocal harmonies thatharken back to the Beach Boys or the Beatles. Heather Stewart’s flawless lead vocals are at the same time husky and crystalline, creating a mood both sexy and ebullient and telling a story of love and like that speaks directly to our hearts.

The sultry, bendy electric guitar intro, outro, licks, and fills are played to perfection by Chris Nordlinger, and a masterful and utterly delicious guitar solo played by Jean-Pierre Durand halfway through the song is a high point in the music. The Hammond organ licks and textures throughout, played by Leah Finkelstein, also contribute to the retro vibe of the song, aswell as the string section under the bridges, written by Susan Craig Winsberg à la Eleanor Rigby.

This is a song both delightful and touching and tells a story we all could benefit from – “Of course I love you, of course I want you [and all that jazz]…but most of all, I LIKE you!” This girl’s got her priorities straight!

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