Celtic Music on the Silver Flute


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Track list (links are to MP3 samples):

  1. Johnnie Cope / John Anderson, My Jo
  2. Ned Of The Hill
  3. Great Is My Sorrow As I Steer The Boat
  4. MacCrimmon’s Lament
  5. Loch Lomond / Will Yo No’ Come Back Again
  6. The Haughs Of Cromdale
  7. The Tree Song
  8. The Tiree Love Song
  9. Oh, My Love Is Like A Red, Red Rose
  10. The Skye Boat Song
  11. Maurie’s Wedding / John Highlandman
  12. My Lagan Love
  13. She Moved Through The Faire
  14. Women Of Ireland
  15. Blackwaterside

Susan Winsberg – flute, piccolo, alto flute, bass flute
Kathleen Fisher – vocals
Maureen Brennan – celtic harp
James Robinson – steel-string guitar
Daniel Roest – nylon-string guitar
Charles Jewett – cello
Chris Caswell – percussion
Millicent Craig Winsberg – accordion

Recorded, mixed & mastered at: Vista Sound, Monte Sereno, CA Additional mastering at: Digiprep, Los Angeles, CA.
Engineer: Timm Burleigh
Producer: Susan Winsberg
Co-producer: James Robinson
Production Consultant: Dan Wyman
Graphic Artist: Laurie Dietter
Cover photo by: Joakim Häggström
Back photo by: David Sturgis.

All arrangements by Susan Winsberg. “My Lagan Love” based partly on an arrangement by Hamilton Harty.

This recording is dedicated to my mother, Millicent Craig Winsberg, whose rich cultural heritage has provided me with endless inspiration.